Balloting information - very important

Today you should all have received an e-mail with details of when your allocated balloting slot is. If there are any problems with your slot, such as if you have not been put with the group that you asked to ballot with, then contact ald44 ASAP (MUST be by Friday) to get this sorted.

Most importantly, though, you need to check that you have been assigned a slot on the roomCaius system. To do this you will need to click here, login with Raven and check that the first page details your balloting slot, and that this matches the time that you were told it would be in the e-mail.

It should look like this:

Hello, [your name]

You can ballot from [date & time, matching the date and time which you were notified of by e-mail]

Please do this ASAP, and if you find that it says you have NOT been allocated a ballot slot on the roomCaius system , then please send an e-mail to jcrcomputing [at] cai [dot] cam [dot] ac [dot] uk, straight away to ensure that you will be able to ballot during the set period.

If you HAVE been allocated a slot, you need take no further action unless, of course, you have not yet submitted a review and photos of your room. To do so, log on to the roomCaius system, find your room and go to the 'new review' tab to start entering your thoughts on the room. Upload photos through the old housing guide at .

Please do take the time to upload a review/photos - wouldn't you rather know what a room was like before you chose it?